Who we are

Hotel Supplies Group LLC
A Delaware Limited Liability Company
State of Delaware File Number: 7203745
EIN: 37-1921089


Our history and values


A partnership born from friendship. 


Allan had this venture (kind-of) in his mind for about 20 years, he tried it twice with no luck and was already investing time and resources on a 3rd attempt. The second time I met him, he started trying to talk me into this venture and it took him about 2 more years of constant friendship to finally convince me to partner up with him on this project, the 4th attempt. I sometimes hear people saying it is not a good deal to mix friends with the business but I think unless you are starting up a business so big that everything will be taken care of by employees, you will end up being friends with those who shared the same business vision and values at the very beginning of each of the ventures of your life. 


A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity  


Allan already had all the business connections necessary for selling online, including the former company Hotel & Restaurant Supply Inc. a Corporation in the State of Miami, - returning customers may notice the name change in the invoicing and some parts of the website -, but he was still missing the adequate tools, partners and strategy to land his vision. At the time, I was working full time at an advertising agency as a software developer and had worked for years in SEO, Web Marketing, eCommerce and I had co-founded a couple of unsuccessful Software Development companies/startups with friends in the past. We all remain friends by the way. I was also living for 20 years away from my hometown, divorced, and I spent many nights at Allan's planning, researching, assembling, and dreaming. We both saw on each other's skills and resources a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


A business with a personal and social purpose enclosed. 


Years ago, I had a revelation ( or I simply learned a life lesson ). If I was again to invest my time in a business venture, this venture would have to comply with some conditions that would ensure my happiness and well being as I work on it. I am not talking here about fun, by happiness, I mean fulfillment of purposes. 

  • The venture would never require me or its direct employees to attend to an office. The entire company would operate in a distributed way. Allowing me and its employees to live and travel wherever their souls or life's demands. 
  • No employee should have to drive a vehicle in order to be able to work. This is eco-friendly and life-friendly. It also creates opportunities for its employees and for a variety of employees. 
  • We will seek to favor the redistribution of resources were we consider it most necessary geographically and socially speaking. Its employees should preferably live and spend their incomes in regions where we consider it is most fair and needed to do so. This company is a private effort for generating employment and distributing economic resources through its employees. 
  • The company must align nature and global needs. 


How do we operate? 


Since Allan already had a separate but related physical established business and likes attending to his office, he goes to his office located in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he also has a Hospitality Showroom. When I was working as an employee, I was already working from home, I got fired back in Jan 2019, and came back to my hometown in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I use my smartphone to monitor the company 24/7, and I always carry my laptop in my backpack. All other tasks are performed by either our business partners, provider and manufacturers in USA, or by 3rd party service providers in USA. 


Every customer matters! 

Allan Vargas - Co-Founder

Allan Vargas


CEO & Co-Founder

Eduardo Chongkan

CEO / Co-Founder