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Sold in pairs.

The New Generation® Pillow by T-Y Group & Harbor Linen (now part of 1Concier) has been designed to provide the highest quality, most “down-like” pillow available. The pillow is made with a unique, totally non-allergenic microfiber fill and high thread count ticking which resists stains. It is said to be the finest, softest, highest quality, non-allergenic pillow on the market today.

When you’re looking for the perfect night’s sleep, look no further than the New Generation® Pillow.

Collections: Carnival and Disney Staterooms

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Weight7 lbs
Dimensions13 × 18 × 18 in

King (20"X36"), Queen (20"x30"), Standard (20"x26")


Firm (Side 67), Medium

Shipping Weight ( Volumetric )



1Concier ( TY-Group – Harbor Linen )

Qty per Case/Pack

1 / Case, 2 / Case

Legacy SKU

TBPW9910074137, TBPW9910074136, TBPW9910074135

27 reviews for New Generation® Pillow by T-Y Group & Harbor Linen | 2-Pillows

  1. Rene Acosta

    These are the most comfortable pillows I have ever used. They are soft while retaining a good support for hugging and cuddling! :-p

  2. Sunshine

    Amazing customer care! Eduardo was very responsive and kind!

  3. John F.

    So far so good. I have had difficulty finding a pillow that was comfortable and kept shape. I can honestly say that I have slept better on this pillow than any of the other, more expensive ones I have purchased. It has great support. I love it!

  4. Elizabeth Freeman (verified owner)

    Just ordered. Took a pic of the label in a recent hotel stay as it was The Best pillow I’d ever slept on. Can’t wait for it’s arrival.

  5. Lizzy (verified owner)

    We fell in love during our last vacation Las Vegas. I simply felt this was the best pillow I ever used in my life!

  6. NA (verified owner)

    My wife loved these!

  7. Darcy

    While staying at a hotel this past weekend, I had to check the label. I normally travel with a pillow from home and this was the first time I have ever opted to use the hotel pillow. Cannot wait to order my own!

  8. Marsaya Toth

    Best pillows ever! No neck ache!

  9. Christa

    At a lodge where we stayed during a weekend I was sleeping comfortably thanks to this pillow. Had to have one at home too!

  10. Jennifer D.

    My husband and I fell in love with this pillow at a recent stay in Dallas at the Magnolia Downtown Hotel. I took a picture of the label and am so excited to have found it!!! Four pillows should arrive in a couple of weeks.

  11. Christina

    Disney cruise line uses these pillows and I sleep so well that I decided I needed some for home!

  12. Mark Adkins (verified owner)

    Just received our new generation (medium)pillows, was on backorder since late December but was totally worth the wait, haven’t slept this well on any other pillow, pretty sure I’m going to order the same pillow in a firm, highly recommend this pillow

  13. Tina Marie Ferrara

    stayed at Winn Creek in Bethlehem Pa. Loved the pillow.Asked on check out for name. They are great

  14. Melissa

    I used these while on a cruise and loved them!! I wanted to have them for home but am sad to say I’m so disappointed. There is no support, I feel like my head sinks right down. I wake up so uncomfortable! Such a let down

  15. Jamie

    Stayed at the Rally hotel . Awesome pillow, needed to get one for home.

  16. Laura Nocerino (verified owner)

    The pillow says “Firm” however, it is very mushy to the point it seems to be only half filled. My husband likes it but I will need to find another that has more filling inside. Wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

  17. C Gillespie

    I stayed at the Hilltop Inn in Billings, MT and never expected to encounter the pillow of my dreams! THE most comfortable, perfect-in-every-way pillow I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on. I am so excited to own some of my own!!! I considered becoming a permanent resident of the above mentioned hotel if I couldn’t find them to purchase!

  18. Caralee Shapero

    I just used these at The Colonies at Williamsburg! Best pillow ever

  19. holderasha (verified owner)

    Tried this pillow on a Disney cruise and decided that we needed to have them at home because they are so comfortable.

  20. Teresa Ryan

    I first experience them on a Disney Cruise in 2016, came home and purchased them. I’m now back for a second order! Lasting quality!!

  21. Kaija beatty

    Stayed at a MyPlace hotel in SD and these were the best pillows ever

  22. Mary Damilowski

    Stayed at Grand Summit Hotel in Vermont and slept on these pillows. The neck pain I’ve experienced for years disappeared!

  23. Lynda Otis

    The best night sleep I ever had, because of these pillows. Perfect!!

  24. noxluminos (verified owner)

    Slept on these on the Disney Fantasy, and was so excited to be able to continue to sleep on them at home!

  25. Jenelle Thompson

    We just stayed at a resort in Branson and fell in love with these pillows. Trying to figure out how to order a set!

  26. Janine Yerk

    The pillows were on our Disney Cruise on the Fantasy to the Caribbean. I’ve never slept so good and just had to see if I could buy them anywhere, I took pictures of the tag so that when I got home, I could do my research and order them.

  27. laurie c ethridge

    Obsessed with this pillow after a hotel stay. I took pictures of the label so that I could find the same one!

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