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Glamour Collection

8 reviews

1-Pillow per Case


The Glamour Collection pillows are manufactured in the USA exclusively for TY-Group (1Concier)


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Glamour Collection


Stomach, SIDE & Back Sleeping

Staterooms use a combination of medium & firm while suites and Pillow Menus offer 4 different models: Medium, Firm, Zone + the all feather pillow Soft & Downey. ( Out of stock )

Pick yours based on your own sleeping preferences.

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Glamour Collection

by T-Y Group

Sold as Single/Individual Pillows 

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Glamnour Collection Pillows-Hollander

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8 reviews for Glamour Collection Pillows by T-Y Group (1Concier)

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  1. Ursula Matzen (verified owner)

    Discovered these pillows at a hotel we stayed at and my husband had the most comfortable sleep in a long time. Got the details off the pillow tag.

    We purchased “Extra Firm” and “Firm”, both pillows are very comfortable and do not make my husband sweat. They are comfortable, breathable pillows. Because we’ve tried so many brands we’ve accumulated 8 pillows that are now decorative pillows for the bed since my husband wasn’t happy with any of them.

    We finally found the perfect pillows for a good night sleep!!
    FiRM pillow is our favorite pillow.

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  2. Kristine

    We slept on the Glamour Collection pillows in firm when we were staying in a hotel near Yale and they were magnificent! I’m a back sleeper and my partner is a side sleeper and we both fell in love with this pillow. So happy to fing it for purchase.

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  3. Brenna

    Great delivery. Keep up the good effort.

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  4. Sarahi Beaudry

    My husband has searched for a firm pillow over years. We found this brand during our stay at a hotel. We were very lucky to find the same pillow on the website company. Thank you!!

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  5. Tsvetelina

    I fell in love with these pillows at a 5-Star Miami Beach hotel we were staying at. The perfect pillow exists!!! A+

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  6. Kim P.

    I can’t tell you how many king pillows I purchased that claimed they were FIRM and when I got them they were simply big and floppy. I am here to tell you these are FIRM and perfect for fillers for King Shams! I am so thrilled with the density of these pillows and if you like a firm sleep these are perfect and much better than memory foam. Again, firm but not hard.

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  7. Wendy M.

    My husband and I stayed at The Hard Rock Hotel in Daytona Beach. I absolutely fell in love with their pillows! I couldn’t believe how soft yet firm and so comfy! Looked at the tag and found them here.

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  8. Vicki Angulo

    My husband and I encountered these pillows at the hotel we stayed at during vacation. We needed new pillows at home and was having a hard time finding something we liked.

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