Dry IQ Towel Collection Washcloths

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  • Quick Dry 
  • Ultra Absorbent
  • 100% cotton loops
  • Super Soft Hands
  • 70/30 Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Dobby Border
  • Double Reinforced Hems


The Dry IQ Towel Collection is engineered for quick-drying, maximum durability and minimum shrinkage.  This quick drying, and long lasting collection will require less time processing while providing your customers with the highest grade product.

13X131.5 LBS300 EA


1 review for Dry IQ Towel Collection Washcloths

  1. Bea Carrillo

    I love these washcloths! This is my third order of them. They last well, but I’m tough on washcloths. When I first buy an order I use them for my face and body, as one would. The texture of these is perfect for exfoliating, and that’s what I look for in a washcloth.

    But, as with any washcloths, after a year of laundering they’ll start showing signs of age. After that, I move them to my cleaning rotation.

    It’s important to use white cloths when cleaning upholstery, carpet, or clothing stains so you don’t transfer dyes from the cloth to whatever you’re cleaning. The thickness and nap of these make them brilliant for cleaning. And the price? It’s fantastic.

    Bea Carrillo
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