CleanRest PRO Max Pillow Protector (4-pack)


  • King
  • Queen
  • Standard


Engineered exclusively for hotels searching for the most effective way to protect pillows and guests during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Pillow protection with anti-microbial treatment
  • A virus barrier to prevent viruses from contaminating the pillow.
  • A zippered protector with a vented end which allows air to escape to avoid ballooning:
    • Enables faster pillow insertion
    • Allows uncompressed pillow fill to provide guest cushioning
    • Allows for warmed air to be expressed
  • Superior breathable fabric offers the coolest sleep.
  • Extra slick fabric makes for the fastest pillowcase installation and removal.
  • Zippered
  • CDC Level 4 Protection
  • 100% Waterproof¬†– Patented MicronOne waterproof fabric technology
  • Hyper breathable (140% more than other brands)
  • vented for maximum airflow and guest comfort
  • blocks allergens and dust mites
  • soft, noiseless, hotel quality optic white fabric
  • 100% polyester

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King, Queen, Standard


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