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New Generation Pillows Tag Timeline

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The Infamous “Disney Cruise Pillow” or “Carnival Cruise Pillow”. Featured in many hotels and cruises this continues to be the favorite pillow among our customers across the years.  

Once in a while, we get questions from customers who received a pillow with a tag that is different from the one they saw at the Hotel or Cruise where they found the pillow. 

The reason why you received or may receive a different tag than the one you saw at the hotel or cruise is because of Supply Chain and Logistics or other business-related necessities.  e.g. a Merger, or Acquisition. Also, most Private Collections such as the Carnival Comfort Collection or the Atlantic Collection are mainly used and sourced privately to certain Cruise Lines by volume, yet, on some occasions, we ship a few pillows with these tags as part of inventory clearance and/or to be able to satisfy demand when we are expecting new inventory to arrive. 

You may sleep well knowing your pillow is an authentic pillow by comparing it to the following tags. 

Scroll Down to check the different Tags over time



Formed from the merger of Riegel Linen, T-Y Group, and Harbor Linen. Combined, they claim to be want to be the number one choice and one-stop shop for your linen and OS&E products. 

Latest Reviews

IanSept, 2022
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Used this pillow on Disney Cruise Line on a few trips. Greatly reduced the amount of migraines and severity of neck pain I have waking up in the morning! Love this pillow 🙂
John John
John JohnVerified Owner
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Big mistake buying. I only bought one for me… now I’ve been forced by my family to get some for them. Seriously though, best freaking pillow…
Lizza Carroza
Lizza Carroza@Disney Cruise Line
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Had the best sleep ever on my DCL. Took a pic of the tag and cannot wait till my order comes!!!

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